Little Men  - Produced by Ayesha Adu, Senay Matewos, Sovereign Hues, LLC, & Black Feather Creative

Little Men was partially funded by:

Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant 2018

The ARC Minnesota Microgrant Partnership 2019

Two boys friendship is tested when they make a startling discovery on the way to school.


Taking place in 1989, Little Men is a compelling winter tale of two endearing 10-year-old boys, Andre and Marcus. Their friendship is tested after they make a startling discovery on the way to school. An existential crisis occurs after an action by one of the boys..

From poverty stricken backgrounds, Andre and Marcus are at once one and the same and completely different. Andre, coming from a family with a single mom, is being raised with dignity and aspirations. In the womb of her crack addiction, Marcus’ mother is downwardly mobile; using Marcus as a verbal punching bag. Andre aspires to a higher class than his family would indicate, while Marcus aspires to the underclass. What happens after their discovery, challenges them to think about their outlook on themselves and about the world they live in.

Writer/producer/director - Ayesha Adu


Ayesha Adu - Bio

Ayesha Adu is an award-winning director, writer, producer, actor, and editor who creates compelling projects on shoe-string budgets. She is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been living here for 27 years. Her previous artistic work has been about the darkness of human nature, child abuse, and familial dysfunction.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Ayesha had the opportunity to make artistic projects including one short narrative film and a couple of experimental films. She also had the opportunity to make a handful of small scale professional work such as commercials, music videos, and a documentary for a higher educational institution.

In 2017, Ayesha was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant from VSA Minnesota to develop the feature length screenplay, “Stardust,” and to provide a staged reading of the finished script in 2018. Ayesha also received a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in 2018, to produce and direct her short screenplay, “Little Men.” This is her second film in 18 years.

Ayesha’s award-winning projects include an experimental co-collaboration, “village blues,” (1999) and a music video, “This One,” (2003). Her work has been screened at multiple film festivals, Intermedia Arts, online, and MNTV.

This year “Little Men” won a PLATINUM Remi Award from the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival and placed Quarterfinalist in the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Ayesha intends to continue to create provocative, well-thought out complex films that challenges the audience to ask questions about how they see the world and what they see in themselves. She has an exceptional style of filmmaking that takes the audience on a journey to think and feel something on an intrinsic level. Her work will leave an indelible imprint on your mind.

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Ayesha Adu - Writer, Producer, Director

Senay Matewos - Producer

Sovereign Hues, LLC - Producer

Black Feather Creative - Producer

Kellen Witschen - Director of Photography

Moore Creative Talent - Casting

Carrie Bush - AD

Christian Popham - AD

Beth Resch - Camera Assistant

Nick Christopulos - Sound

Jeff DesLauriers - Sound

Amanda Yates - Script Supervisor

Erin F. Erskine - Set Dressing/Props

Amanda Schwarzrock - Wardrobe

Jew DreamFirstBorn - Wardrobe/Still Photography

Nik Ramono - Wardrobe Assistant

Dina Dainty - Make-up/SFX Make-up

Stacie Brudenell - Hair

Joe McNairy - Grip/Electric

Marcus Mason - Grip/Electric

Aaron Preusse - Stunt Coordinator

Wren Hess - Storyboard Artist

Mickayla Bakke - Child Wrangler

Eyoel Yemane - PA

Tahiel Jimenez - PA

Chris Eldridge - Grip/Electric PA

Track on trailer - "Miracles" performed by Crisis Fresh

Behind the Scenes video created by DreamFirstBorn Images.  copyright 2018